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    Are you searching for a sensational small bar in Sydney to grab your favourite drink? Barlife is the definitive guide Sydney's best cocktail bars and Sydney's best small bars with extensive photo galleries along with news and info from the small bar scene. Surry Hills bars, Darlinghurst bars, CBD bars and Newtown bars ... they are all here on Barlife! Soon the website will expand to include Melbourne bars, but for now you'll find Sydney's best bars here on Barlife!

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    For those of you who live in Sydney you'll probably know that the western suburbs are undergoing a generational transformation, and in particular Parramatta has massive plans for development of the CBD in coming years. As part of this 'new look' Parramatta, the council there are holding an event for people who are interested in opening a small bar in the CBD precinct. It will involve meeting people from the council as well as agents etc who can help facilitate YOU opening your own bar in a very high growth area of Sydney. Interested in attending? Here's the link to the event - just click and book. Easy!


    Parramatta after hours: Small bars in the CBD

  • Cocktail of the Month


    The Negroni truly is one of the heavy-weights in the world cocktail scene. This Italian classic was first conceived in a bar in Florence in 1919 after Count Camillo Negroni asked a...


    30ml Campari
    30ml Sweet Vermouth
    30ml London Dry Gin

    Stir in a glass (or flask) with plenty of ice, or better still, a large block of ice and garnish with an orange peel. This drink gets better with time, so let it settle in the glass for five minutes before drinking and you'll be rewarded with a better Negroni.